Canadian homes® architects and structural engineers having the greatest experience on wood designing homes will satisfy all of your operational and aesthetic requirements.


A few words about the construction

The need for reliable homes which are friendlier to the occupants as well as to the environment, which are built in a short period of time and with controlled cost first developed by Canadian homes®. We brought the know-how of timber frame construction to Greece in 1966.

By evaluating correctly the natural properties and characteristics of wood and by applying modern methods, the engineers and technicians of our company established in Greece, like anywhere in the modern world, that wood is one of the most suitable building materials.

The flexibility and the durability of wood, in proportion to its weight are enormous. For this reason wooden buildings have excellent anti-seismic behaviour. This has been proven repeatedly in especially earthquake-prone areas of the world such as Japan, the west coast of the U.S.A. and Alaska. In Greece, Canadian homes® had dozens of houses in the epicenter of the strongest earthquakes which have shown amazing anti-seismic behaviour and which have served as an excellent example for the future owners of our homes in those areas.

In addition to the attention that our company pays to matters of construction, we also give emphasis to the bio-climatic operation of the structure through specific architecture and layout (floor plans), insulation performance and durability of materials resulting in minimal cost of use and maintenance.

Create your home with the finest materials

Configure the layout and character of your home to suit your lifestyle:

Exterior walls with coloured decorative stucco finish coatings made with natural materials, specially treated wood cladding or even bricks or stone.

Cathedral roof with exposed beams, wood cladding and clay ceramic tiles or flat roof on traditional Cycladic architecture or a minimalistic modern style.
Fully sealed exterior doors and windows, either opening inwards or sliding, made of wood, aluminium or PVC, adding as well greatly to the architecture of your house.

Hardwood floors offering warmth and luxury , ceramic tiles in a wide range of designs for ease of use or unique decorative coloured nano cement for minimalistic design.

Kitchen cabinets, closets and interior doors of contemporary design with a choice of modern or traditional look.
Visible wooden surfaces coloured with special treatments and varnishes over a variety of hues.