Classic homes

Homes which do not impose on but rather adapt to the aesthetics of the landscape with excellent performance in both low and high temperatures, using natural building materials, insulation and finishing. These houses will provide you with days of enjoyment in the country in the summer as well as in the winter.
Mediterranean style
Main characteristics are:

> Roman clay tiles on a sloped roof, with visible wood beams and panelling.
> Large, roofed verandas for easy summer living.
> Walls with three layers stucco.
> Very good heat and sound insulation.
> Fireplace which efficiently heats the house.
> Air tight doors and windows in white colour.
> Ceramic tile flooring in earth shades.
> Interior doors, cupboards and kitchen cabinets in a variety of designs and colors.
Cyclades style
The houses of the Aegean have traditional architecture. This model has the following characteristics:

> Flat insulated roof.
> White walls after a three layers stucco.
> Finishes in stone.
> Wooden, colored doors and windows.
> Wooden ceilings and finishing with pale shades.
> Wooden beam pergolas.
Chalet style
Main characteristics are:

> Tiled roofs with sharp inclines and visible beams and finishing.
> Wood on exterior, suitable also for hot climates, or in combination with stone.
> High specification heat insulation in walls and roofs.
> Air tight doors and windows of specially processed wood.
> Highly efficient fireplace, able to warm the house.
> Hardwood floors.
> Interior doors, kitchen cabinet and cupboard doors with wood finish.
Autonomous style
The autonomous house is designed to be operated independently from
infrastructural services, like the electric power grid, the gas grid and
sewage system. It let’s you live in nature with no bills to pay.

Main characteristics are:

> Highly.
> Solar photovoltaic panels, batteries for current storage and an
inverter to convert current to 230V.
> Highly efficient insulated house.
> Highly efficient fireplace.
> Ceiling fans.
> Biological sewage system.