The most experienced architects, structural design engineers and technicians on the field, design and build the home that will serve your needs.

 Services that we provide

Green & Energy Efficient homes Canadian homes®
Green & Energy Efficient homes Canadian homes®
Swimming Pool Green and Energy efficient Homes Can
Swimming Pool - Green and Energy efficient Homes Canadian homes®

Canadian homes®, in addition to the construction, offers services by which your home will have the greatest performance at the lowest cost.

Design, building permit

Proper, well-thought out design is where the carefree running of the house begins. The architects at Canadian homes® will propose a design with criteria based on bioclimatic and operational requirements, without decreasing your architectural wishes. In addition, they can complete the procedure for the issuing of the building permit.


Geothermal are a renewable source of energy. Geothermal systems are environmentally-friendly. They take advantage of the energy from the earth’s crust and they provide heat or cold with great economy. Associate fully experienced engineers, carry out the study and the construction of the system.


Photovoltaics are also a renewable source of energy. They take advantage of the sun’s rays, which  transform into electricity. This energy could be supplied to the national grid provider  in order to reduce your electricity bills.

They are also ideal  for holiday homes or  residences  which are in distant location, where the connection with the power grid is not possible or desirable.

The Thermo Photovoltaic panels is an hybrid system which simultaneously produces warm water for use and for the heating system of the building. 

Heating, cooling

The in-floor heating system provides very efficient, dust and allergy free, heat at low cost and allowing  free space. Especially, if connected to a heat pump the benefit in a long term is multiplied. Otherwise an alternative could be a natural gas or a pellet burner.

On a holiday house an energy efficient fireplace and ceiling fans could produce cozy atmosphere at  low cost.

Smart Home Installation

The installation of a Smart Home System provides the facility of long-distance control and handling of the electrical installation in your home. Via Wi-Fi mobile phone or tablet, you are able to adjust your lighting, heating, electrical appliances, electric exterior shutters, curtains, alarm system, garden watering and so on throughout your home.

Biological purification

A biological purification system for the recycling of used water is an ideal solution for areas that are not on a sewage network.

Swimming pool

A swimming pool must provide enjoyment, in which case its selection must be made in conjunction with a sound knowledge of its construction, its finishing materials as well as its mechanical equipment.

Bank loans

Our company can, under conditions, assist in the granting of a bank loan.